Smart Uranus

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In the SmartUranus Smart-Contract were found one vulnerability, no backdoors and no scam scripts.

The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulate manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.

So SmartUranus Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain main network.


This audit is only to the Smart-Contract code at the specified address.


Haze Security is a 3rd party auditing company that works on audits based on client requests. And as a professional auditing firm, we check on the contract for any vulnerabilities, backdoors, and/or scam scripts.



We are not financial advisors nor do we partner with the contract owners

Operations and website administration is fully on the client’s side

We do not have influence over client operations, which can lead to website changes, withdrawal function closes, etc. One always has the option to do this through the contract.

Any concerns about the project themselves need to be raised directly to the project owners and not through Haze Security.

Investors are not in any way obliged, coerced or influenced to invest in projects audited by Haze Security.

We are not responsible for your funds or guarantee you profits.

We highly recommend that investors do their own research and gain crypto experience before investing


To report any scam, malpractices and irregularities, please send a message via Telegram to @Haze013 or @Sara_Solidity for blacklisting.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity): 0

Critical and harmful access for owners, user block ability, Bugs and vulnerabilities that enable theft of funds, lock access to funds without possibility to restore it, or lead to any other loss of funds to be transferred to any party.


HIGH ISSUES (high, medium severity): 0

The owner’s privileges, access and permission that cause changes in the contract results and parameters, enable/disable main modules and features, exclude/include specific users.


ERRORS, BUGS AND WARNINGS (medium, low severity): 0

Bugs can negatively affect the usability of a program, errors that can trigger a contract failure, Lack of necessary security precautions, other warnings for owners and users, warning codes that are valid code but the compiler thinks are suspicious.


OPTIMIZATION (low severity): 0

Methods to decrease the cost of transactions in Smart-Contract.


RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity): 1

Hint and tips to improve contract functionality and trustworthiness.



 Owner privileges (low, medium severity):

The owner has access to the functions:

  • addPool
  • setPool

the owner has permission to add and update pools. Updating active pools can cause changes in the output and results of the pools.


The owner can limit the range of changes in the update functions.


Independent Description of the smart-contract functionality

The SMARTURANUS Smart Contract provides the opportunity to stake in the pools and earn URANUS Tokens.

  • all BNB, tokens and project info will be saved in the “UranusDataStore” contract
  • only the “SmartUranus” contract has access to BNB and tokens in the “UranusDataStore” contract



Users can stake BNB and some tokens in the contract and will receive URANUS tokens.

  • each pool has a different min stake amount requirement
  • reward per second is 10,716,735,253 tokens which will be distributed between all users in all pools. It will be calculated based on the share of the user stake into all users’ stakes.
  • Users can stake and withdraw (un-stake) their assets without any limits
  • On withdraw (un-stake) 10% fee will be deducted and users will receive 90% of their deposit
  • The owner can initial new pools in the contract and update current pools parameters


Owner FEE

The owner fee is 10% of the stake amount.

Referral System

The contract pays a 10% referral commission in 2 levels

  • Level 1: 7%
  • Level 2: 3%

Users will receive from claim rewards of their downlines.

Only users can invite other users that have at least more than 500,000,000 assets in the pool with Pool ID “1” (unknown).

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