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In the FinanceTron Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors and no scam scripts. The code was manually reviewed for all commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities.

So FinanceTron Smart-Contract is safe for use in the main network.

Note: Second auxiliary Capacitor Smart-Contract reviewed and it is a safe and great method to protect the main contract balance.




This audit is only to the Smart-Contract code at the specified address.


The audit makes no statements or warranties about the suitability or sustainability of the business model or regulatory regime for the business model. Do take into consideration that you are doing all financial actions & transactions at your own risk, especially if you are dealing with high-risk projects / Dapps.


CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity): 0

critical and harmful access for owners; user block ability; Bugs and vulnerabilities that enable theft of funds, lock access to funds without possibility to restore it, or lead to any other loss of funds to be transferred to any party;


ERRORS, BUGS AND WARNINGS (medium, low severity): 0

Bugs that can trigger a contract failure, with further recovery only possible through manual modification of the contract state or contract replacement altogether; Lack of necessary security precautions; other warnings for owners and users.



Optimize the transfer method from Capacitor contract to the Main contract; Possibilities to decrease the cost of transactions and data storage of Smart-Contracts.


Optimization possibilities

• Recording statistical parameters in the blockchain

uint256 public totalReferral;
uint256 public totalReferralEarn;
uint256 public totalDeposit;
uint256 public totalWithdrawn;


Use data function to calculate parameters instead of writing it in the blockchain.

Note: this comment doesn’t affect the main functionality of the smart-contract.

• use of .value() is not common nowadays
function dech(address reciever, uint256 money) internal returns(uint256){
require(users[reciever].allowed ,”You are not allowed to use capacitor!”);
if(users[reciever].amount < money){
money = users[reciever].amount;
if(money > 0){
users[reciever].amount = users[reciever].amount.sub(money);
capacitorUser cu = capacitorUser(reciever);
emit Decharge(reciever, money);
return money;


change the total method and use the transfer function instead.

Note: this comment doesn’t affect the main functionality of the smart-contract.



Independent description of the smart-contract functionality

The FinanceTron contract provides the opportunity to invest any amount in TRX (from 100 TRX) in the contract and get a 200% return on investment if the contract balance has enough funds for payment.

Dividends are paid from deposits of users.

All dividends are calculated at the moment of request and available for withdrawal at
any time.

Owners cannot invest in the contract.
Contract owners fee: 9.%

Each subsequent Deposit is kept separately in the contract, in order to maintain the payment amount for each Deposit.


FinanceTron has 4 plans:

• Plan one: 1.7% daily up to 200% Min investment: 100TRX

• plan two: 2.1% daily up to 200% Min investment: 1000TRX

• Plan three: 2.5% daily up to 200% Min investment: 10000TRX

• Plan four: 2.9% daily up to 200% Min investment: 100000TRX


Auxiliary ROI System:

There is a rule if users don’t withdraw they can get more 5% of daily profit in each active deposit plan per day.


Prize system:

If you withdraw only once until the end of your contract you can get 20% more profit as a prize.



Insurance System: 35%

20% of each invest saved for users which withdrew less than 35% of the main investment.

Note: the owner has access to change the insurance system percent and it can only increase it.

Capacitor System: 6%

when contract balance reach 5m capacitor system will be activated and 6% of each deposit will transfer to Capacitor contract. every 12 hours if the contract balance decreased, at least 10k TRX discharge from Capacitor contract and help the sustainability of the contract.

Referral System:

• Level one: 4%
• Level two: 3%
• Level three: 2%
• Level four: 1%
• Level five: 0.5%

The referrer is specified once at the time of the first deposit and is assigned to the user
without the possibility of changing. From each subsequent Deposit, the referrer will
get his per cent.



FinanceTron Smart-Contract Functions

• Capacitor -> charge: transfer 6% of each deposit after 5m balance to Capacitor Contract
• Capacitor -> decharge: transfer saved TRX in capacitor to main contract
• Constructor: first contract initial
• receiveMoney: handle receive event from capacitor and update CapacitorTotal
• isCharging: capacitor status
• _registration: initial new users
• getWhithdrableStat: total available amount to withdraw
• calculateBenefit: calculate profit of each deposit
• refresh: update user stats
• deposit: create new deposit
• withdraw: withdraw an amount of all profits
• _calculateInternalBalance : update withdrawable amount based on insurance system
• getInvestorStat: return users stats -> referralsCount referralEarn, referrals, referrer, WhithdrableMoney, totalInvestedMoney, collectedMoney, lastWithdrawTime, totalDepositedMoney
• getInvestsStat: return user stats -> investedMoney, planType, startedTime, totalEarned, finished, withdrawNumber, lastWithdrawTime

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