We're Only Human

We're Only Human




Good day, dear community, 


There are 2 things, I, Haze as the CEO would like to apologize to my community members to the recent incidents that the audits that was done had some issues where my community members lost a substantial amount of money.


For the past weeks, if you'll have noticed we were not releasing many audits. We had rejected almost 25 audits due to the fact that we wanted to investigate and look at the many errors that the community had complained about.


After reviewing and looking into all the projects that we have overlooked, we do see that there is a flaw on our end and we apologize for   all the losses that the community has occurred.


To ensure that we, HazeCrypto ensure that no flaws happen again, we are reducing the number of audits that we will crank out a day. We'll be limiting our audits publishment to 4 audits maximum a day.


We will ensure that all audits moving forward will be vetted by 1 senior dev and 2 junior dev to ensure that there will be triple protection and triple quality and code checks each time an audit is received and before being published on our announcement channel to have a safer and more secure environment for all our investors and community members.