Optimization suggestions - Audit Report

Optimization suggestions - Audit Report




Loop on the dynamic variable (low severity).
If the user gets more parallel deposits his withdrawal transaction going to cost more transaction fee because the loop on the dynamic variable is used in the ‘withdraw’ function. In case exceeding the GAS limit of the size of the transaction, withdrawal is not possible.
This comment is relevant only if a user creates an excessive amount of parallel deposits (more than 100).

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Today, you'll be learning how to safeguard your gas fee and how to invest smartly in ROI projects.


All ROI projects work on a set of rules and dynamics on the blockchain. When an investor neglects or overlooks those mechanics, that's when the issue starts to rise for the investor. 


As an investor, when you invest in an ROI project, the maximum allowed transaction in a single wallet is 100 transactions. These transactions include invest, reinvest, & withdraw functions. So as long you perform an action with regards to the 3 mentioned functions, it's classified as a transaction.


When there is 100 transaction executed within the same wallet address, the 101 transactions will fail or incur a very high gas fee cost. On a normal basis, the transaction will be rejected yet the standard network gas fee will be charged. Perhaps some of you might have encountered such an incident; trying to withdraw or reinvest or deposit and you noticed a high gas fee been charged?


To eliminate such incidents, below are some of the precautions that you as an investor can adopt in your ROI projects:-


➡️ If you like to have multiple deposits, try using more than 1 wallet 
➡️ Should the project has a reinvest function, try performing this action 3 days once or on a weekly basis. Doing it frequently will cost you a lot more than you can imagine
➡️ Always check the contract balance before investing and check the contract balance occasionally


To summarize today's topic, to avoid high gas fees, do not attempt to trigger the functions (invest/withdraw/reinvest) in the project frequently. Though reinvesting in a project will give you higher returns, as an investor you have to calculate your profit and loss as well. Also, if you plan to perform the mentioned functions frequently, try having multiple wallets and do not perform all actions within a singular wallet address.


⚠️ 100 transactions under a single wallet address, will lead the system to reject transactions perform thereafter or a high gas fee will be charged. Invest wisely and know how to take profits as a smart investor. All ROI projects are High Risk, yet it comes with High Returns.