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Crypto Mining




What Are GPU Mining And ASIC Mining?

Today we will look into crypto mining. In this post, we will discuss the differences between GPUs mining and also ASIC mining. For readers who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, this is a common term which you would have read or heard about. Here is a simple introduction to crypto mining.

GPU Mining

GPU mining refers to performing a hashing process via a GPU, where the GPU can be used for mining various types of cryptocurrencies. GPU mining can be used to form various types of cryptocurrencies only through an exchange mining algorithm. GPU mining is like a flexible machine, which only with a small tweak or change in the mining algorithm, we can perform mining of various cryptocurrencies which is available within the software that you are using. Among the current cryptocurrencies that use GPU mining is Ethereum, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and ranked second on the CoinMarketCap portfolio today.


GPU advantages Mining

  1. Able to perform mining various types of cryptocurrencies permitted by the software that you are using
  2. The GPU can be used for other applications such as for video rendering and video gaming if not used for crypto mining operations
  3. Available to most people and sold on the open market.

GPU weakness Mining

  1. Inefficient in terms of electrical power consumption and algorithm processing.


ASIC Mining

If GPU mining is a system that can perform crypto mining operations simply by changing the algorithm, ASIC mining is a system where it is specifically built and optimized for the processing of one algorithm only. The advantage of using this system is the efficiency of the use of electrical power and processing algorithms in mining compared to GPU mining. The best example of ASIC hardware for mining is Bitcoin.

Advantages of ASIC Mining

  1. Faster and more effective hashing algorithm processing
  2. Lower electrical power consumption
  3. Easy to implement on a larger scale

ASIC Weaknesses Mining

  1. Able to process only a singular mining algorithm. Should the algorithm changes or the efficiency of mining is no longer profitable, the ASIC miner will lose its value




In short, GPU mining is a flexible crypto mining system while ASIC mining is a static crypto mining system. Both, of these two methods of crypto mining, have their advantages and disadvantages. So in choosing the hardware of crypto mining between GPU mining and ASIC mining, please ensure you know and understand what cryptocurrency you want to acquire, and the limits of the crypto mining method you choose. For example, Bitcoin is more efficient using ASIC mining while for Ethereum, GPU mining is much more effective and profitable.






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