Celebrating 300+ Verified Audits At HazeCrypto

Celebrating 300+ Verified Audits At HazeCrypto




300+ audits. Over 95% successful long-term projects with happy clients and investors. 


The journey of HazeCrypto was not a bed roses. We had our ups and downs but 4 pillars stood by us to this date:-


1. Honesty
2. Transparency
3. Trusted Clients
4. Loyal community


These 4 pillars made HazeCrypto a trusted and household brand to all Crypto project owners that wants a trusted company that is able to produce safe and honest work


We, at HazeCrypto are greatly privileged to have clients that believe and trust in our work. We're privileged to have the business bond and connection that sync so well that they are our loyal clients. We're privileged that our clients suggest and recommend new and enhanced ways to build the HazeCrypto brand.


We're honored and blessed to have an amazing community. A real community of investors and not bots. Investors that are hungry for success and for us to serve them new safe and ethical projects. We are blessed to have a community that points out the rights and wrongs of each community member - we're a family and for this, we at HazeCrypto are truly honored and blessed. Thank you for being a wonderful community and a family.


Last but not least, we want to thank all the haters and doubters. Without all of you, we would have just been a normal Auditing company. Yet, you were the people that turned HazeCrypto into a full-fledge Crypto One Stop Solution. What do we do?


✅ Smart Contract Auditing ( TRON / BSC / ETH / POLYGON / FANTOM / AVALANCHE / More to come )
✅ Smart Contract Development ( TRON / BSC / ETH / POLYGON / FANTOM / AVALANCHE / More to come )
✅ NFTs Full Stack
✅ Community Management ( Text + Voice )
✅ Discord Management
✅ Social Media Management
✅ Project Marketing - We have an Army
✅ Graphics Design & Video Animation


Can HazeCrypto do another 300 Audits this year? We'll update you guys in 2023.


With much love & respect
HazeCrypto Audits & Securities