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The TheWheelOfReturns Smart-Contract were found one vulnerability, no backdoors, and no scam scripts.


The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulated manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.


So TheWheelOfReturns Smart-Contract is for use on the Avalanche main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity):                        1

HIGH ISSUES (high, medium severity):                             1

ERRORS, WARNINGS (medium, low severity):                   0

OPTIMIZATION (low severity):                                          0

RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity):                          0



Random System (critical, high severity)

The contract used a second contract for generating random days and daily profit for plans. it is not verified to protect the contract from attackers. it prevents simulating and finding methods to predict the result and make deposits with a high total return.

but the owners know about the codes behind random contract addresses, we cannot check and confirm whether it is 100% safe or not. users should participate in the project based on the trust of the owners and the development team



High ISSUE (high, medium severity)

The system used is called ROI and must be considered HIGH-RISK.

Users' principal deposits cannot be withdrawn, users can get dividends and referral commission. Dividends are paid from deposits of other users. Do always invest with proper knowledge and investigation.


Independent description of the smart-contract functionality

The TheWheelOfReturns smart contract provides the opportunity to invest any amount in AVAX (from 0.1 AVAX) in the contract and get a 25% to 800% return on investment between 5 to 100 days if the contract balance has enough funds for payment.

  • All dividends are calculated at the moment of request and available for withdrawal only once a day
  • Each subsequent Deposit is kept separately in the contract, to maintain the payment amount for each Deposit.


Launch Date

based on the audit date (April 04, 2022) the project is not launched yet. The owner has access to activate the project and the launch date is dependent on the owner's decision


Contract Owners Fee

Deposit Fee:              10%



There are many different plans which will be created randomly

  • The plan duration is in the range of 5 to 100 days
  • The daily profit is in the range of 5% to 8%
  • The minimum total return is 25%, users lose 75% in 5 days
  • The maximum total return is 800%, users earn 700% profit in 100 days
  • The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 AVAX
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 AVAX
  • The maximum number of deposits is 100 for each address
  • Users can withdraw only once a day

Referral System (Match Bonus)

The contract pays a 10.5% referral commission over 5 levels

  • Level 1:             5%
  • Level 2:             3%
  • Level 3:          1.5%
  • Level 4:          0.5%
  • Level 5:          0.5%


  • Referral should be an active user; it means the referral address has at least one deposit
  • The referrer is specified once at the time of the first deposit and is assigned to the user without the possibility of changing. From each subsequent Deposit, the referrer will get his percentage.
  • The referral commission will be sent directly to the upline wallet
  • If a user does not have a valid upline, the total referral commission will be sent to the owner's wallet


Random contract: