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The STABLEONEROCKET Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors, and no scam scripts.

The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulated manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.

So STABLEONEROCKET Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Polygon main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity):                        0

HIGH ISSUES (high, medium severity):                             1

ERRORS, WARNINGS (medium, low severity):                   0

OPTIMIZATION (low severity):                                          0

RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity):                          0




Owner Privileges

The owner has the privileges of:

  • Enable or disable presale and public sale
  • Change the price of the token in the presale and public sale
  • Withdraw all the tokens in the contract
  • Withdraw all Matics in the contract

Independent Description of the smart-contract functionality

The STABLEONEROCKET is a standard ERC20 token that supports voting ability.


  • All libraries which were used for calculation and the token in the contract are standard and safe


Token Info (all information based on audit date: Sat Feb 19 2022 18:51:09 GMT+0000)

  • Total Supply: 100,000 SROCKET
  • Holders: 2 addresses
  • Total Transactions: 3
  • Name: Stable One Rocket
  • Symbol: SROCKET
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract: 0x94788309D420ad9f9f16d79fC13Ab74de83f85F7



Owner/Deployer Tokens

In the first initial of the token, 100,000 tokens will be transferred to the owner wallet.

After initial:



Minimum Transaction Amount

The minimum transaction amount for users is 0.1 token

  • it can be changed by the owner and the limit amount can not be greater than 1 token


Buy Token

The contract provides a function that users can buy tokens.

  • Users can buy tokens via presale or public sale
    • Presale and public sale will be enabled/disabled by the owner
  • PreSale:
    • Total presale tokens are 25,000
    • Presale token price is 75 Matic
      • The owner has the privilege of changing the presale price
  • Public Sale:
    • Total public sale tokens are 40,000
    • The public sale token price is 100 Matic
      • The owner has the privilege of changing the public sale price
    • When the owner enables public sale, the presale will be disabled automatically and all remaining tokens from presale will be added to the public sale
  • All Matics can be withdrawn from the contract only by the owner
  • Owners have the privilege to withdraw all tokens in the contract