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The SALARY Smart-Contract found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors, and no scam scripts.


The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulated manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.


So, SALARY Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain main network.


(Critical, high severity)



(High, medium severity)



(Medium, low severity)



(Low severity)



(Very low severity)



Independent description of the smart-contract functionality

The SALARY smart contract provides the opportunity to buy the SALR tokens and earn profit by holding them, users will earn passive income from other transactions and can withdraw profits if the contract balance has enough funds for payment.

  • Dividends will be provided by 15% of buy and sell transactions and will be distributed between all holders.


Launch Date: May-22-2022 11:54:44 AM +UTC


Contract Owners Fee

  • Buy and Reinvest:             2%


Passive Income

Users will earn dividends by holding SALR tokens in their wallets.

  • On all buys, sell 15% will be distributed between all holders as dividends


Referral System

This contract pays an 8% referral commission over 7 levels

  • Level 1:          2.8%
  • Level 2:          1.6%
  • Level 3:          1.2%
  • Level 4:          0.8%
  • Level 5:          0.8%
  • Level 6:          0.4%
  • Level 7:          0.4%


  • First users should have min 100 SALR tokens in their wallet to be activated their referral system.
  • The referrer is specified once at the time of the first purchase token and is assigned to the user without the possibility of changing. From each subsequent Deposit, the referrer will get his percentage.
  • If a user has not had a valid referrer, a referral bonus goes to the holders’ dividends



SALARY Token is BEP-20 token:

  • Contract address: 0x717584ee208f1c4A63C34e3E116F35E943CA9d5F
  • Current audit time total supply: 0 SALR
  • Holders: 0 addresses
  • Transfers: 0
  • Decimals: 18


Buy Token

Users can pay BNB and buy any amount of SALR token.

The total buy fee is 20%

In each buy:

  • 10% will be distributed to all holders as dividends
  • 8% will be paid to uplines. (If a buyer has a valid upline, referral commissions will be a deduction from the 8% buy amount and will be paid to uplines.)
  • 2% will be paid to the owner
  • 80% will be converted to SALR token

Jackpot system

The last user who has invested in one hour and his investment amount was more than 0.5 BNB will be paid half the prize.

  • in every buy and sell 5% of the amount will be added to the jackpot.
  • The winner will receive half of the jackpot.
  • Prize payment is made every hour in buy and sells operations.

Sell Token

Users can sell any amount of SALR token and receive BNB.

The total sell fee is 5%.

  • Sell Tax: 5% of BNB will be distributed to all holders as dividends


Reinvest Dividends

Users can reinvest all their BNB dividends and referral commission to buy more SALR tokens. The total reinvests fee is 12%.

  • Reinvest Tax: 10% of paid BNB will be distributed to all holders as dividends
  • Owner Fee: 2% of BNB will be transferred to the owner's wallet.



Users can withdraw their dividends and BNB will be transferred to the user wallet.

  • Users can withdraw without any limitation
  • All dividends and referral commission transfer to the user wallet



Users can transfer their tokens to another user.


Buy and Sell Price System

  1. With each buy and sell the price changes continuously
  2. Buy price show 5% higher than the current price
  3. There is a 25% difference between buying and selling
  4. Buy increase the price of token per each 1 token 0.000000001 BNB
  5. Sell decrease the price of token per each 1 token 0.000000001 BNB
  6. Each buys and sell increases profit per share of the holder’s balances, so all buy, sells and transfers will increase the dividends of the holders
  7. Each holder receives dividends based on the holder's balance to the total supply.