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In the PAYINGTRON Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors and no scam scripts. The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulate manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.


So PAYINGTRON Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Tron main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity): 0

Critical and harmful access for owners, user block ability, Bugs and vulnerabilities that enable theft of funds, lock access to funds without possibility to restore it, or lead to any other loss of funds to be transferred to any party.


ERRORS, BUGS AND WARNINGS (medium, low severity): 0

Bugs can negatively affect the usability of a program, errors that can trigger a contract failure, Lack of necessary security precautions, other warnings for owners and users, warning codes that are valid code but the compiler thinks are suspicious.


OPTIMIZATION (low severity): 0

Methods to decrease the cost of transactions in Smart-Contract.


RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity): 1

Hint and tips to improve contract functionality and trustworthy.




1- Direct Transfer TRX to Contract (low severity).

If a user transfer TRX directly to contract address and the user has no active upline, the amount adds to contract balance but deposit does not act.


This comment is relevant only if a user does not use the contract deposit function and transfer amount directly to the contract address



The PAYINGTRON smart-contract provides the opportunity to invest at least 100 TRX in the contract and get a 310% return on investment if the contract balance has enough funds for payment.


  • Dividends are paid from deposits of users.
  • All dividends are calculated at the moment of request and available for withdrawal at any time.
  • All investment keeps in one deposit.


Contract Owners Fee

etherchain_fund:   1%

admin_fee:    10%




The basic bonus is 1% daily. A User can get 310% return totally.

There are limits to deposit

  • First Deposit min: 100 TRX and max: 100,000 TRX
  • Second Deposit min: Current Deposit and max: 300,000 TRX
  • Third Deposit min: Current Deposit and max: 900,000 TRX
  • 4th and next Deposit min: Current Deposit and max: 2,000,000 TRX


This contract has 4 methods to earn 310% return sooner.

  • Basic Bonus
  • Referral System (Direct Bonus)
  • Referral System (Match Bonus)
  • Top Leader Pool


Basic Bonus

The basic bonus of contract is 1% daily


Referral System (Direct Bonus)

This contract paid 10% referrals in one level.



  • Referral should be an active user; it means the referral address has at least one deposit.
  • A referrer is specified once at the time of the first deposit and is assigned to the user without the possibility of changing. From each subsequent Deposit, the referrer will get his percent.


Referral System (Match Bonus)

In this contract, the user can get profit from his referrals withdraw in 15 levels.

  • User needs 15 direct referrals to active all these levels, each level needs one direct referral to be active.
Level 1 2-5 6-10 11-15
Match bonus 30 10 8 5


Top Leader Pool

There is a pool which 3% of all deposits added to this pool. Every 24 hours it will be rewarded to top 4 leaders which have more direct referral amount.

  • 3% of all deposits add to the pool
  • Every 24 hours 10% of pool rewarded to top leaders
  • Remain pool balance transfer to the next day
  • Top leaders sorted by their direct referral amounts
Rank 1 2 3 4
Prize(%) 40 30 20 10


PAYINGTRON Smart-Contract Functions

  • Constructor: initial owners addresses and initial ref bonuses and pool bonuses and deposit limits
  • Function payable: this function handle direct was sent amount and call _deposit to make a new deposit.
  • _setUpline: update referral and uplines
  • _deposit: make a new deposit
  • _pollDeposits: add 3% to pool and update the top list
  • __refPayout: update upline referrals on withdraw
  • _drawPool: run every 24h and reward top list
  • deposit: call _setUpline and _invest and make a new deposit
  • maxPayoutOf: return max return of investment
  • payoutOf: return daily 1% profit of invests
  • userInfo: return user information like upline and profits
  • userInfoTotals: return user stats
  • contractInfo: return contract info
  • poolTopInfo: return top list of leaders