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In the MOONCOIN Smart-Contract were found one vulnerability, no backdoors and no scam scripts.

The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulate manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.

So MOONCOIN Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity): 0

Critical and harmful access for owners, user block ability, Bugs and vulnerabilities that enable theft of funds, lock access to funds without possibility to restore it, or lead to any other loss of funds to be transferred to any party.


HIGH ISSUES (high, medium severity): 1

The owner’s privileges, access and permission that cause changes in the contract results and parameters, enable/disable main modules and features, exclude/include specific users.


ERRORS, BUGS AND WARNINGS (medium, low severity): 0

Bugs can negatively affect the usability of a program, errors that can trigger a contract failure, Lack of necessary security precautions, other warnings for owners and users, warning codes that are valid code but the compiler thinks are suspicious.


OPTIMIZATION (low severity): 0

Methods to decrease the cost of transactions in Smart-Contract.


RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity): 1

Hint and tips to improve contract functionality and trustworthiness.


Vulnerabilities announcement

  • Owner privileges (MoonCoin Contract) (high, medium severity):

The owner has access to the functions:

  • setStakingApp
  • excludeFromReward
  • includeInReward
  • excludeFromFee
  • includeInFee
  • setTaxLiquidityFeePercent
  • setMaxTxPercent
  • setNumTokensSellToAddToLiquidity
  • setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled
  • change snipper tax between 0 and mentioned numbers in the table

the owner has the permission to exclude/include addresses from rewards/fees. The owner can change fees, active/deactivate swap and liquify, change the maximum transaction amount.


The owner can renounce the ownership and remove the owners’ privileges.


Owner privileges (MoonCoinFinance Contract) (medium severity):

The owner has access to the change parameters:


These parameters can be changed by the owner but will not make a benefit for the owner or other users. Just can change conditions.

Recommend: it can be better to limit all variable changes in a logical range.




The MOONCOIN Smart-Contract provides the opportunity to hold tokens in your wallet and earn passive income without staking.


  • It is a reflective token that will return a profit to every user that holds the tokens in his wallet.
  • The profit will be made by transactions. In each transaction, a maximum of 10% will be reflected as profit to holders and will be added to liquidity.
  • All libraries which were used for calculation and the token in the contract are standard and safe


Token Info (all information based on audit date)

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 MoonCoin
  • Holders: 1 addresses
  • Total Transactions: 1
  • Name: MoonCoin
  • Symbol: MOONCOIN
  • Decimals: 9
  • Contract: 0x53e1d907ef7fCA1808237FEfE45c6731a55A034b



Owner/Deployer Tokens

In the first initial of the token, 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens will be transferred to the owner wallet.



Maximum Transaction Amount

The maximum transaction amount for users is 5,000,000,000,000 tokens.

  • Some of the addresses specified by the owner are exempt from this rule and are not restricted
  • The owner has the privilege to change the maximum transaction amount



Transaction Fee System

The transaction fee can be between 0% to a maximum of 10%:

  • Tax Fee: 0% (based on the audit time)
    • Will be distributed between all holders
  • Liquidity Fee: 0% (based on the audit time)
    • Will be added to liquidity


  • These fee values are based on the audit time and they can be changed by the owner.
  • This system makes a passive profit for holders and leads to an increase in the Token value assessment and price.
  • The owner has the privilege of exempt some of the addresses from transaction fees.
  • The owner of the project announces that the tax fee and liquidity fee will be set after the pre-sale of the token.



Swap and Liquify and Transfer

If the contract token balance is greater than 100,000,000,000 tokens.

First, if the Stake Contract address was set, between 10% to 90% transfer to the stake contract address. The owner has the privilege to set it should be transferred as the token or BNB. If BNB was set, the first token will be swapped to BNB and then will be transferred to the staking contract.


50% of the rest tokens amount swap to BNB and the rest tokens and added BNB will be added to liquidity.

Second, if the Stake Contract address wan not set, 50% of the tokens amount swap to BNB and the rest of the tokens and added BNB will be added to liquidity.



  • MOONCOIN-BNB LP tokens that return from the “addLiquidity” function will transfer to the MoonCoin contract and will be locked permanently.
  • the owner can not change the “_stakingAppAddress” after the first initial.
  • The owner has the privilege to change the stake contract percent between 10% to 90% and set the transferred amount type between token and BNB.


Snipper Tax

On sell transactions, based on the BNB balance of the liquidity poo,l taxes will be increased.

BNB Balance <= 500 <= 700 <= 1000 <= 2000 <= 3000
Tax Increasment 10% 10% 20% 3% 40%





The MoonCoinFinance smart contract provides the opportunity to invest any amount in BNB (from 0.05 BNB) in the contract and get a 300% return on investment if the contract balance has enough funds for payment.


  • Dividends are paid from deposits of users.
  • All dividends are calculated at the moment of request and available for withdrawal at any time.


Owners Fee is 10%



300% return on every investment. The basic interest rate of 1% daily.


  • The minimum deposit amount is 05 BNB


Referral System (Match Bonus)

The contract pays a 10.5% referral commission over 10 levels

  • Level 1: 4%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Level 3: 1%
  • Level 4-10: 0.5%

Referral Rules:

  • Users receive referral rewards if they hold MoonCoin tokens equal to the level number in BNB or more than 5 BNB (based on the token issue rate)
    • For example, to earn referral in level 2, users should have tokens equal to 2 BNB in their wallets
  • In addition to referral commission in BNB, the contract gives users MoonCoin token equal to referral commissions BNB. The condition of it is the same as the BNB commission.
  • If a user does not have enough token in his wallet, he will lose the BNB commission but the token commission will be transferred to the uplines. The upline who has enough hold token based on his level.


Promoter Referral System

The contract pays extra profit to promoters for direct referrals

Token Factor Rate (TFR): user token balance divided to token issue rate, it show the equal BNB amount of the user held tokens

Turnover: total earned referral commissions

  • Turnover & TFR >= 1:               5%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 2:               6%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 4:               7%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 8:               8%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 10:             9%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 20:             10%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 30:             11%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 40:             12%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 50:             13%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 80:             14%
  • Turnover & TFR >= 100:           15%


MoonCoin Token

Users will receive MoonCoin tokens on each investment

  • The rate of issue tokens is 100,000,000,000 tokens per 1 BNB
  • The rate will decrease based on the below formula when the total issued token increases:
    • New rate = 1000 / (10+ (each 100 BNB))
    • For example: after 100 BNB investment the rate is 1000b /(10+1)= 90.9 b (90,900,000,000 token per 1 BNB)
  • Tokens will be sent to the user by the contract



Burn Token Rate

The burn rate of the issued tokens affects the withdrawal amount of dividends.

Burn Rate = burnt tokens / issued tokens * 100

Users will receive a “Burn Rate” share of the withdrawable amount. It means users should burn the same amount of issued tokens from investment and bonuses to reach a 100% burn rate and receive withdrawable amounts completely.

Note: for example, if the Burn Rate is less than 33% users will not earn profit from their investment and will lose too.

The total return is 300%, users will receive 300% * Burn Rate




Buy Back System

10% of the total BNB withdrawn amount will be added to the buyback variable. It will be swapped to the Mooncoin token and will be burnt by sending them to a dead address.

  • It will happen on each new user join the contract and It can not happen in less than 60 minutes
  • the owner has access to change the 60 minutes duration
  • Every time buyback reset to zero.



Burn Balance

The owner has access to a function that can burn a maximum of 2% of the contract balance each day.

  • The maximum is 2% which can be changed by the owner between 0% to 2%
  • The owner can only use this function once a day
  • 2% of the contract BNBs swap to MoonCoin and will be transferred to a dead address.
  • This event will set the buyback amount to zero.


Withdraw Penalty

Users will get a penalty based on the late withdrawal and it will be deducted from the withdrawal amount on “withdraw”.

  • Users who have less than 1 BNB total investment
    • if do not withdraw for 15 days, from the 16th day will get a penalty of 1% for each day.
    • For example, on day 16th it is 16% and on day 18th it is 18%
  • Users who have more than 1 BNB total investment:
    • if do not withdraw for 10 days, from the 11th day will get a penalty of 1% for each day.
    • For example, on day 11th it is 11% and on day 13th it is 13%
  • Each new penalty will be added to the previous ones.
  • the 5 BNB conditions and 15 and 10 days variables can be changed by the owner.



Users can re-invest their available dividends in the contract and increase their total investment

  • on each reinvest, tokens equal to 10% of the reinvested amount will be burnt
  • burn rate can be changed between 10% to 30% by the owner