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In the JESUSFINANCE Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors and no scam scripts.

The code was tested with compatible compilers and the simulation was manually reviewed for all specific and commonly known vulnerabilities.

So, in summary, JESUSFINANCE Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity): 0

Critical or Harmful access for owners, user blocking abilities, or bugs and vulnerabilities that enable theft of funds, lock access to funds without the possibility of recovery or lead to any other loss of funds to be transferred to any party.


ERRORS, BUGS AND WARNINGS (medium, low severity): 2

Bugs that can negatively affect the usability of a program, errors that can trigger a contract failure, lack of necessary security precautions, other warnings for owners and users, or any warning codes that are valid code but the compiler thinks are suspicious.


OPTIMIZATION (low severity): 0

Methods to decrease the cost of transactions in Smart-Contract.


RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity): 0

Hint and tips to improve contract functionality and trustworthiness.






1- Manual Process (medium, high severity)

The process of transferring burned tokens to a dead address will be moderated by the owners. 50% of the entire liquidity pool is on a dead address and it shows that the owners processed the task correctly.  But we make sure that all users are aware of any processes which are not automatic and require the owner’s actions.


Owners have access to the remaining 50% of liquidity and based on the Jesus Finance whitepaper they have plans for the future use of said liquidity.

Note: Users should trust the owners of the Smart-Contract.


2- tax-exempt (medium, low severity).

Owners have access to include and exclude users from transfer fees

Note: This comment does not affect the main functionality of the Smart-Contract.




The JESUSFINANCE Smart-Contract provides the opportunity to hold tokens in your personal wallet and earn passive income without staking.


  • It is a reflective and deflationary token that will return a profit to every user that holds the tokens in his wallet.
  • The profit will be made by transactions. In each transaction, a share will be burnt and a share will be reflected as profit to holders.
  • All libraries which were used for calculation and the token in the contract are standard and safe



Token Info (all information based on audit date)

  • Total Supply: 8,290,910 JESUS
  • Holders: 528 address
    • PancakeSwap: JESUS: 2,030,734
    • Jesus Finance, Deployer(owner): 1,333,558
    • Other holders are users
  • Total Transactions: 2,436
  • Name: JESUS
  • Contract: 0x9f921708682616096e59953b6398011fe1dfcdfa





Transaction Fee System

In each transaction, 6.2% is reflected to the holders and 3.8% is burned forever.

  • TAX FEE: 6.2%
  • Burn FEE: 3.8%

This system makes a passive profit for holders and leads to an increase in the Token value assessment and price.


Based on BSCScan blockchain transactions, 50% of liquidity in Pancakeswap has been transferred to a dead address.


Dead Address:

A dead address is an anonymous address that allows no access whatsoever and funds can never be recovered or removed.