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The EFATAH33 Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors, and no scam scripts.

The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulated manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities.

So EFATAH33 Smart-Contract is safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain main network.

CRITICAL ISSUES (critical, high severity):                        0

HIGH ISSUES (high, medium severity):                             0

ERRORS, WARNINGS (medium, low severity):                  0

OPTIMIZATION (low severity):                                          0

RECOMMENDATIONS (very low severity):                         0


Independent Description of the smart-contract functionality

The EFATAH33 is a BEP20 token that provides the opportunity to hold tokens in your wallet and earn passive income without staking.


  • The profit will be made by transactions. In each transaction, 0% to 20% will be used for holder rewards and burning systems.
  • All libraries which were used for calculation and the token in the contract are standard and safe



Token Info (all information based on audit date: Sat Jan 22, 2022, 15:54:37 GMT+0000)

  • Total Supply: 77,777 EFA
  • Holders: 65 addresses
  • Total Transactions: 351
  • Name: Efatah33
  • Symbol: EFA
  • Decimals: 8
  • Contract: 0x37ceab7a62a5cd4c974b8b6dfdcf772a0e63251a



Owner/Deployer Tokens

In the first initial of the token, 77,777 tokens will be transferred to the owner's wallet.



Transaction Fee System

In each transaction, the fee is 0% to 20%.

  • Holder rewards:                             0% to 10%
    • It will be distributed between all holders
  • burn Fee:                                         0% to 10%
    • it will be burnt

NOTE: These numbers can be changed by the owner.


Owner privileges:

The owner has access to the functions:

    • excludeAccount
      • exclude a user from transaction tax and burn fee
    • includeAccount
      • include a user from transaction tax and burn fee
    • _setTaxFee
      • The owner can change the tax fee between 1% to 10%
    • _setBurnFee
      • The owner can change the burn fee between 1% to 10%
    • _setMaxTxAmount
      • The owner can change the max transaction amount. the amount can not be less than 2500 EFA